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Automatic Lessons

1hour lesson     $65

(3hr logbook entry)

1.5 hrs             $90

(4.5hr logbook entry)

2hour lesson     $120

(6hr logbook entry)

Package deal 10hrs for $600 (which must be paid in full at beginning of first lesson).

Payments can be made by either cash or payid (using our phone number) .

& for regular / loyal customers only: -

Hire car for test = $150 (includes lesson before test) NB. this option is only available to customers who have previously had lessons with Take Control and have been assessed to be ready to take the test. Not for people wanting to just hire a car for the test. This is due to the fact that our name goes on your test paper & whatever you do on the test is marked against the school permanently . This is how the RMS assess driving schools. Besides you wouldn't let a complete stranger drive your own car would you ? Please respect this .

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